Don't miss the lusty Aly Tadros at The Comet Thursday!

When Aly Tadros was offered her first paid gig, she had three original songs under her belt. The set time called for two hours. She took it anyway. Four years and over 700 shows later, that gutsy attitude has defined her as an ardent and auspicious voice among young singer/songwriters. Spacious and melodic, salty and moving, her classical guitar writhes in a fusion of Latin, Middle Eastern, and American folk and pop. She released her debut CD, Things Worth Keeping, produced by Duane Lundy (Jim James, Ben Sollee, These United States) in August 2009 amidst her first and second national tours. The self-booked tours spanned seven months, and twenty-five U.S. states. Winter of 2013, she relocated to Brooklyn, NY after completing her ninth US and third European tour.

Tadros is touring across North America, Europe & the UK in support of her sophomore release, The Fits. Catch her at The Comet Thursday!

I just had to catch up with the talented and beautiful Aly Tadros prior to her show at The Comet Thursday. In your music I think I can hear some of your influences…perhaps Fiona Apple with some Carly Simon and my favorite, Ani Difranco thrown in but you tell me, who are your biggest musical influences?

Aly Tadros: Definitely Fiona Apple, Ani Difranco, Tom Waits, Morphine, Ali Farka Toure. These days I've been listening to nothing but Lightin' Hopkins and Wilson Pickett. 


CM: What can people expect at a live Aly Tadros show?

AT: Lots of potentially embarrassing stories; I'm a smart-ass on stage. Oh - and yeah, I sing some songs too.


CM: Do you have a day job or is music your full time gig?

AT: For most of my adult life, it's been nothing but music. After moving to NYC last year I started babysitting a few days a week - NYC rent ain't cheap! If you ever want a test a new tune, take it to a bunch of seven-year-olds. No mercy. 


CM: What is next? Future tour dates, albums?

AT: After this tour, I've got a residency at a great room in NYC, so probably settle in for a bit to work on tunes for the next album. Chances are I won't stay off the road for too long - I have the attention span of a gnat fly. 


Aly Tadros w/ Young Heirlooms
The Comet
Thursday May 30th