Austin Livingood announces solo EP release date!

The members of Belle Histoire are certainly a busy bunch. Guitarist Austin Livingood is releasing 3 solo EPS, the first to be on August 6th! Titled The Weightless Anchor: By Plane (1), this will the first installment of a story about finding direction in your life and ultimately what it is that decides a persons purpose in life. It begins with a guy and girl taking a chance on love. To complete the story at large, the story will be divided not just by EPs, but by track listing as well. The first will be labeled as 1,3,5,7...The second 2,4,6,8...and the third 9,10,11,12 to represent order and completeness at the end of the story.

Every story has a beginning, a conflict, and a resolution; but more importantly every person has a story. The interesting thing is a person can’t have a story without an experience or a past and a person’s story can’t resolve without wrestling with a conflict. Everyone starts somewhere, and it’s from a humble beginning that singer/songwriter, Austin Livingood hopes to discover by taking head on the pursuits of life and finding that resolution by creating songs through stories, both personal and universal. 

Stay tuned to for all things Austin Livingood, in the meantime here is a teaser vide