Useless Eaters play MOTR tonight!

Useless Eaters released the newest LP Hypertension on Jeffery Drag Records on February 19th. To celebrate they'll be stopping by MOTR and soon to be off to SXSW!

Sutton’s songwriting actually speaks for itself. Take his LP Hypertension, for instance. As Useless Eaters’ cult following first heard on the “Addicted to the Blade” 7’’ and Black Night Ultraviolet EP, Sutton’s cleared yet another layer of dust from his scrappy sound and pushed a revolving door of haymaker hooks and restless rhythms to the fore. That goes for everything from the neon-bathed locked grooves of “Life on a Grid” to the welcome, climatic cacophony of “Vertical Africa.” Meanwhile, Sutton continues to channel a lonely childhood of living on army bases—and eventually finding his creative footing in Memphis, Toronto and his current hometown Nashville—into lyrics that reach well beyond tired punk tropes, whether that amounts to metaphorical love stories or brutally honest nervous breakdowns. 

"Little hints of classic punk like the Urinals and the Fall reveal themselves throughout the album’s nineteen (!) minutes, but the same could be said for most garage-punk records these days. What sets Sutton apart is his magnetic charisma and his ability to siphon all of his influences into a style very much his own." -- MTV Hive

What: Useless Eaters w/ Vacation
Where: MOTR