The Jealous Sound at MOTR Tonight!

The road that leads LA-based rockers The Jealous Sound to MOTR Pub this Wednesday has been a long one. Ten years ago, the guys were a young upstart band, fresh off their much-lauded Kill Them With Kindness album, with thousands of newly-minted fans in tow. After a long, difficult tour in support of KTWK, they were poised to record their next album for a major label -- potentially sending them on a rocketship to stardom. But a distribution deal fell through, leaving the The Jealous Sound high and dry. By then, touring and the pressures of gig life had taken its toll on the band. Frontman Blair Shehan decided he wanted a quieter, normal life and moved out of LA in search of a job. From 2004-2008, there was nary a peep out of The Jealous Sound camp. Rumors swirled that they'd broken up, that Shehan had gone crazy. It was dark days for fans of The Jealous Sound. An EP released in 2008 was the only shred of hope to hold onto.

Then in 2009 things started to look up when the band announced that they'd be tagging along with emo legends Sunny Day Real Estate on their reunion tour. With the band back together, the creative energy that had once fueled them came to life again. They began writing and recording their highly-anticipated second full-length album in ten years, much to the delight of Jealous Sound fans who had held on through the drought. Of the impact the writing process had on him, Shehan says, "Sometimes I'd be writing a song and think, 'Oh, man, I don't really want to say this, do I? But the process of writing removes any filters you have — you're not as in control of things as you'd like to be. It ended up being very liberating.” The result was a moving album The Jealous Sound self-released in 2012, titled A Gentle Reminder. The new material was met with near-universal praise from fans and critics all over the world. AltPress called it "a primer on how to construct mature, interesting pop-rock", and AbsolutePunk reviewer Blake Solomon "a listening experience that is somehow peaceful and cathartic."

These are the songs the band will be bringing to Cincinnati on Wednesday. Old favorites that many kids in The Jealous Sound's sphere of influence cut their teeth on, and new ones that speak of a maturity that only ten years gone by can bring. Bands with stories and talent like The Jealous Sound don't happen very often. This is a show you don't want to miss.

Who: The Jealous Sound
Where: MOTR
When: 10:00PM; FREE SHOW!