Da 3rd Element CD Release

According to philosopher, Empedocles there are four ultimate elements which make all the structures in the world - air, water, fire, earth...the third element is fire. Da 3rd Element, alumni of Xavier University, was inspired while in philosophy class in 2003 during a lecture about the 4 elements. From then on, he has been committed to emit the heat of his talent to the world. Da 3rd Element is on the path to revive true hip-hop and bring substance back to the forefront of the rap game. 

Da 3rd Element has opened for such artists as Little Brother, Talib Kweli, and Tanya Morgan. Since 2005, Da 3rd has released four street albums with assistance from producer Sal Dali. He is currently promoting his indie label, Thru Da Smoke Entertainment LLC. 

Da 3rd Element is debuting the album "Expense Report" on Saturday September 8th at The Mad Frog. Go witness the impressive lyrics and beats of Da 3rd Element and support Cincinnati's thriving hip-hop scene! 

The Mad Frog
Saturday September 8th @ 9p
Featuring: Crack Sauce, En Jae, Hollywood Swag, Junya Be and Miss T