Da 3rd Element

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An Ohio born Xavier University Alum, Da 3rd Element approaches the art of hip-hop with an eye towards originality. Making good music that is at once poignant, and thought provoking. Influenced by Joe Budden, Elzhi, and Lupe Fiasco he released his debut LP Definition of Fire in spring of 2006, quickly followed by two other releases, and culminating in the debut of his critically acclaimed LP  Persistence of Memory in 2011 (Produced by Sal Dali). Da 3rd Element continues on his journey to create

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Da 3rd Element CD Release

According to philosopher, Empedocles there are four ultimate elements which make all the structures in the world - air, water, fire, earth...the third element is fire. Da 3rd Element, alumni of Xavier University, was inspired while in philosophy class in 2003 during a lecture about the 4 elements....

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