This Weekend: Bunbury Music Festival

The Bunbury Music Festival is set to invade downtown this weekend with big-name headliners and talented locals. We're excited to see national favorites like Death Cab for Cutie, Weezer, Jane's Addiction, Manchester Orchestra, and Neon Trees – but we're even more excited to see Cincinnati represented with Foxy Shazam, The Seedy Seeds, Messerly and Ewing500 Miles to Memphis, Wussy, and more!

This is the festival's inaugural year, but the festival's owner, Bill Donabedian, is no newbie to the industry (as evidenced by the impressive lineup). Before launching Bunbury, Donabedian co-founded the 10-year-old MidPoint Music Festival and was responsible for managing and programming Fountain Square following its 2006 renovation. The festival is another marker of downtown's revitalization and its transition from ghost town back to the cultural center of the region.

In addition to the music, Bunbury will also feature an EcoMarketplace full of eco-friendly vendors as well as an interactive area dubbed "Techbury". Inside Techbury, Possible Worldwide & CincyTech will be hosting multiple events including Startup Pitch Wars, a tournament of startup business pitches designed to showcase the city's diverse portfolio of entrepreneurial spirit.

If you haven't checked out the music lineup, we have a comprehensive festival schedule just for you! Tickets are merely $93 for a 3-day pass, or $46 for a single day; and kids under 10 are free. Buy them online, or wait in line at the gate if that's your thing.

Below are some of our favorite acts coming up this Friday-Saturday-Sunday, but really we are excited for all 105 performances! 

Manchester Orchestra
Straight out of Georgia, Manchester Orchestra delivers passion and power through their high-energy sounds. Lead by vocalist Andy Hull, these guys are already indie rock legends and deserve a spot on your festival plan. 

What: indie rock with sharp, intense vocals
When: Saturday 6p-7p
Where: Globili Stage 

Foxy Shazam
Foxy always delivers an experience with their show. Their soul shines through every lyric and every guitar stroke. Setting an example for young musicians throughout Cincinnati, this flashy group is a must-have for Bunbury's local roster. 

What: local glam rock with solid harmonies
When: Friday 9p-9:45p
Where: Landor Stage 

The Airborne Toxic Event
Sometimes indie, sometimes pop, sometimes loud, sometimes soft. The Airborne Toxic Event is known for their meaningful lyrics and U2-influenced melodies. 

What: heartfelt indie rock
When: Friday 7:45p-9p
Where: Globili Stage 

500 Miles to Memphis
500MTM is a unique blend of punk rock and country. Gritty vocals combine with waning guitar to form memorable sounds that is sure to bring anyone home. 

What: local country-influenced pop punk
When: Saturday 6:45p-7:30p
Where: AliveOne Stage 

Jeremy Pinnell & the 55's
Soft yet powerful, this new arrangement of local talent is sure to delight. Every note and word is deliberate and it shows. Check them out on the acoustic CMC stage Saturday evening. 

What: local comeback country
When: Saturday 6p-6:45p
Where: CMC Stage 

Just back in Cincinnati after an intense 3-week tour, Wussy delivers unique indie rock with just the right amount of midwestern twang. Show them some hometown love Sunday afternoon on the Landor stage. 

What: local midwestern indie rockers
When: Sunday 3p-3:45p
Where: Landor Stage 

The Seedy Seeds
Lead by the diverse artist Margaret Darling, the Seedy Seeds can be seen running all over town performing their signature poppy indie folk. If you haven't seen them in the past, visit them at Bunbury and I'm sure you will be impressed. 

What: local indie twang
When: Sunday 4:30p-5:15p
Where: Bud Light Stage 

Neon Trees
If you've been out in the past couple years I guarantee you have heard the Neon Trees. Their upbeat songs are both singable and danceable. Learn the lyrics this week, then see them Sunday night on the main stage. 

What: danceable punk pop
When: Sunday 6:45p-7:45p
Where: Globili Stage 

Messerly and Ewing
This local group of musicians are celebrating 18 years together with a refined indie/rock/pop sound. You'll hear smooth guitar melodies and down-to-earth vocals.

What: local guitar-driven indie rock
When: Saturday 3:45p-4:30p
Where: Bud Light Stage 

Canadian singer LIGHTS is in the tristate to share her new-wave pop beats with all of us Cincinnatians. Expect her fans to be singing and dancing along for her whole set Sunday afternoon on the main stage. 

What: electro-synth pop
When: Sunday 3:45p-4:30p
Where: Globili Stage 

Again, check out the full schedule to see who you like best and to plan your day. The schedule is also available on our mobile site, so you can use it while you are cruising between stages! will also have a presence at Bunbury; stop by our booth near the tennis courts in Sawyer Point East to see the surprise we have up our sleeves.

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