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GROUPLOVE: An Interview with Christian Zucconi

The members of GROUPLOVE met by means of fate at an art residency in Greece.  After the connection they felt making music together, they realized they just had to make it work.  So Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi left NYC, Sean Gadd packed up from London and they joined Andrew Wessen and Ryan Rabin in Los Angeles. If perhaps you have been in hiding the past few years and haven't heard GROUPLOVE, their sound can be best described as indietronica. When seeing GROUPLOVE play, you instantly feel the connection they have with each other. The smile on your face while witnessing GROUPLOVE will stay with you for quite some time after. 

Christian Zucconi and I sat down to talk today about influences, writing and his advice to other bands. 

Q: How did you pick your band name?
A: When we all were together again after Greece, we were just so excited we would shout, “Group is back together”! We thought of naming the band Group, but thought Grouplove just en-captured how we met and feel about each other.  

Q: Who are your major influences?
A: When I first heard Nirvana, the emotions just got me in the gut. Also The Pixies and Fugazi. 

Q: What drives you to be an artist?
A: To share the feeling with others that I get from music, to be part of a family making music and the beautiful reciprocation. 

Q: What can someone who has never seen you live before expect from your show?
A: A cathartic party, a real rush, dancing, sweating, we want the audience to not hold back and just have a great time.   

Q: What is your favorite part of the music writing process? 
A: The spontaneity, we keep it organic and to the bare bones until we get together. Once we all get together, it takes on a whole new life. Ends up being much bigger than you thought it could be.  

Q: Best/Least favorite parts of playing a music festival?
A: I can't say I have had a bad experience at a music festival. We have been able to play allot of great ones. At Coachella, we got to play twice and were able to check out allot of other great bands. During Bonnaroo kids were crowd surfing at 20 at a time. Cage the Elephant got on stage with us and we covered “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” (Whitney Houston) and we were able to dance around and have a great time.  

Q: Are you checking out any other bands at Bunbury?
A: We are coming into town Friday evening and staying for the weekend. Looking forward to seeing our friends Manchester Orchestra and many of the other bands. 

Q: Do you have any advice to smaller or local bands looking to get gigs or airplay?
A: It all starts with songs, the camaraderie of the members, a sense of humor, just be a tight family and be able to spend crazy times together. Also important to write honest, meaningful songs. Have a great manager, someone who believes in you. Pay attention, be open, never give up and it will click in a weird subconscious way. 

GROUPLOVE plays Bunbury Music Festival Saturday at 9p on the Landor Stage. Be ready for one of the best times of your life! 



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