The Heights Music Festival: Day 1

Photo by Martin Huang

Clifton was a buzz last night with The Heights Music Festival. The night began with a big announcement at Rohs Street Café, Incline District are now The Mitchell’s! It was clear that Baba Budan’s was the place to be to see Big Rock Club and Belle Histoire as the legendary Pat Rice was in attendance. The Minor Leagues rocked out at Rohs Street Café, leading a crowd sing-a-long. These are just a few of the once in a lifetime performances witnessed last night at the festival. Be sure to share your experiences in the comments below!

Today The Heights Music Festival continues with an all ages dayfest beginning at 3p until 7p at ALL the venues. The Heights Music Festival will once again kick into high gear until late tonight. Don’t miss your chance to see these local bands and be able to tell your friends that "you saw them when…"

Check out the lineup here and we will see you later today to rock out! Check out photos from the first night HERE.