Plastic Inevitables

  • Local
  • pop
  • garage

Cincinnati, OH – Garage pop trio, Plastic Inevitables, started playing music in the farmlands of Ohio. As middle school friends, the band chemistry evolved easily as Phillip Alexander (vocals, guitar), Andrew Oliver (vocals, bass) and Robert Francis (drums, vocals) began to write music together.

The band has released three albums and most an EP of songs under two minutes long. The EP is called Fighting Littles and is available for free download HERE


The Yugos Headline Woodward Theater 

The Yugos perform the entirety of their second album, Life Is Awesome And Then You Live Forever, at Woodward Theater on July 16, 2016  In anticipation for their early 2017 release of their third full-length album, Weighing The Heart, the local indie-rockers are revisiting...

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