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Royal Recommends: Week 2 

Royal Holland got tired of people not knowing or seemingly not caring about music from amazing musicians who don't have the marketing power to make you want to get their music. Often times the music being posted is free, it only costs a small amount of your time, and could change the way you look...

Musicians Band Together to Raise Money for Melodic Connections 

Melodic Connections is a non-profit community music therapy studio that serves 600 individuals in the community, providing services to all ages and abilities.  They prepare their students for the community and prepare the community for their students. At Melodic...

Record Store Day in The Ridge at Everybody’s Records 

Everybody’s Records has announced their Record Store Day Schedule! What is Record Store Day in the Ridge?Record Store Day is an annual recognition of local record stores celebrated all over the world.   Why Record Store Day?In a digital world local mom & pop record stores...

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