Grey Host

  • Local
  • metal
  • doom
  • sludge

"If anyone makes a documentary about starving to death in a dungeon, they should look no further than Grey Host for the soundtrack...their breed of brutality is comparable to the jagged stroke of an axeman who overtly enjoys his job. Grey Host is interested in painting a gnarled and soulless sonic landscape that tricks you into lowering your guard enough so it might land a killing blow.”  - CityBeat “...they’re off-the-wall amazing. It’s nice to hear such roaring, guttural brutality

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And the Nominees for the CEA's Are...

Nominations for the 17th Annual Cincinnati Entertainment Awards (CEAs) were announced today by CityBeat.  Nominees were determined by a committee of dozens of Greater Cincinnati music experts. This year’s list again reflects the talented community of music makers across various genres...

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