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Add Bully to Your MPMF Schedule

Add Bully to Your MPMF Schedule

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Bully is a band that has quickly developed a reputation for its ferocious live shows. It's a curious name for a Nashville quartet that is transforming familiar '90s alt-rock into smart, sharp-edged millennial indie rock, but "bully" is certainly an apt description for the band's churning guitars, rambunctious rhythms, and tightly coiled intensity. Their debut, Feels Like sounds alternately like a balled fist and a fresh bruise.

A deeply personal album by an artist bravely mining her own life, Feels Like is all about trying to figure yourself out-about holding yourself accountable and acting like an adult in a society that doesn't offer very many good examples. It's a coming-of-age album, which only makes Bully’s frontwoman Alicia Bognanno more relatable. "Sometimes I wonder if people think I'm a complete mess," she says. "It's not easy to put yourself out there like, but it's true. Everyone goes through shit like that." 

Bully is playing MidPoint Music Festival! Catch them Friday, September 25th at MOTR Pub at midnight. You can create your own schedule for MPMF right here