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Bully taps into a time in the ’90s when female-fronted bands had become less of a novelty and more of a fixture on the musical landscape, and the phrase “for a girl” was edited from the end of a sentence that began “She’s a great guitarist/vocalist/whatever.” Alicia Bognanno plays and sings with the dissonant ferocity of that time and the immediacy of her own era, channeling the visceral likes of Liz Phair, Joan Jett and the Deal sisters, while funneling it through her own unique perspective and the white-hot core of her creative nuclear reactor. Bully is aptly named; the band will take your lunch money and make you love them.

YOU’LL DIG IT IF YOU DIG: Juliana Hatfield with a pinch of Veruca Salt and a garnish of Zuzu’s Petals. (BB)

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