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David Michael Frank - Private Party Tour 2.0: The Encore

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We are THRILLED to be opening for the Cincinnati show for DMF's Private Party Tour 2: The Encore! After the unprecedented success of the groundbreaking PPT #1, DMF is hitting the road again for a 27-city US adventure in the most unique venues—from mystical old churches to secret underground spots. This time, we're elevating every aspect of your concert experience, making it more intimate and interactive than ever. (More dates TBA)

In Private Party Tour 2: The Encore, each venue is transformed into an exclusive haven where the line between audience and stage vanishes. Enjoy enhanced features beyond the music, including delicious foods, custom cocktails, special guests, and more! Each event is tailored to the venue’s unique vibe.

And don’t worry—one of the things we’re definitely not bringing back is the chance of our RV being stolen again!

Remember, Private Party Tour 2: The Encore is an invitation to join a musical experience that’s more personal and profound. As these nights are crafted to foster a closer connection with the music and with each other, they remain RSVP-only, ensuring every event is a once-in-a-lifetime gathering.

Secure your tickets now to be part of what promises to be the ultimate blend of music, art, and personal interaction.



Spring Grove Community Room