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Black Friday Beeps and Boops

  • Star Silk
  • Fritz Pape
  • Deniz Ozani
  • AJ Dallas
  • Camel Jam

Once you get sick of Thanksgiving leftovers, come grab a burrito and dig something a little different. For this showcase, we're showing off the wide swatch of experimental, electronic music being made all over Cincinnati. On a day usually consumed by commercialism, we're intentionally doing something outside the mainstream. We present: Black Friday Beeps & Boops!


Star Silk: Lo-fi jams and fuzzy tv sets, nothing but vibes

10ST: Fritz Pape making extra noise, drone to the bone

Deniz Ozani: Avant garde dark ambient with style

AJ Dallas: Breakneck beats, chaos reigns

Camel Jam: First show! Synth patches for the whole squad

8pm start, donate to the bands, tip your bartenders and be nice