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¡OYE! Contemporary Latin Showcase

  • Quena Mora
  • Aaron Magical
  • Max Vignola
  • King Demon
  • Los Soft Bois

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Burrito Boys Booking is honored to partner with Baila Brand LLC to bring you ¡OYE! Contemporary Latin Showcase. The purpose of this show is to honor key members of Cincinnati's musical community who are of Hispanic heritage and celebrate the unique music they make. Everything from Latin music itself to rock, pop, and even experimental.

Like most BBB Events, this one is done on a "pay what you can" basis at the door. Money will go to performers and production costs. There is an additional option through Baila Brand to reserve a table for a fee. Check out the link if you're interested:

We'd also like to thank Dunkin' Donuts and Baila Brand themselves for sponsoring the event, we could not have done it without you.


Quena Mora: A prolific local musician, Quena combines Latin, Soul, and Hip-Hop into something truly unique. Originally hailing from Puerto Rico, Quena Mora has been lighting up stages all over Cincinnati and beyond for years. He will be joined on stage by Mael Muller, a brilliant up-and-coming Puero Rican musician you won't want to miss.

Aaron Magical: Best known to Cincinnatians as the lead singer of Lemon Sky and proprietor of Northside Rock N Roll Carnival, Aaron is a long time staple of the music scene. Join him for a rare full band performance of his solo work.

Max Vignola: Max is best known as a member of several former local bands such as Moon Cruiser and In2itiv3, and as the owner of local vintage gaming shop Game N Groove. His dedication and love for local music is well known. Join him for a solo set and hear some of the gems from his extensive back catalog.

Los Soft Bois: Featuring two members of the legendary local dream poppers Soften, Los Soft Bois is a unique little side project performing for the first time. When asked what it'll sound like, they simply said "ambient." We look forward to seeing what that means.

King Demon: A solo project from Miguel Valentine, local noise artist and frontman of the experimental rock group Honorable Demons. Taking us to new sonic heights with a saxophone and whatever else he can muster.

Be sure to check out these artists and more from other upcoming Burrito Boys Booking shows on Spotify:

The show begins at 8pm and goes until late. 21+ please.