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Ruby Vileos 'Nothing Between Us' Record Release w/TYLER RAMSEY

  • Ruby Vileos
  • Tyler Ramsey

Ruby Vileos ‘Nothing Between Us’ Album Release Show

with special guest Tyler Ramsey.

Saturday July 15th 8pm ( 7pm doors) at The Loon Wine Bar

Ruby Vileos ( pronounced [VIL] [EE] [OSE]

Ruby Vileos formed in 1998 not long after then Ass Ponys guitarist, Billy Alletzhauser met former Snaggletooth vocalist Ali Edwards. After hearing and admiring each others songs, Alletzhauser and Edwards began writing and recording together and eventually formed Ruby Vileos with another Ass Pony, Dave Morrison on drums and synth. Ruby Vileos developed a sound that could bounce between proto-punk era power pop and dreamy, experimental sounds from from classic rock and indie influences, all anchored by Edward’s vocals and song writing. Mike Breen wrote in 2000 “ Few are blessed with an instrument as distinctively effective as Edwards' voice”. In 2004 , writing about the release of ‘This is the Day’ Jason Gargano wrote “Few bands stick in your cortex as firmly as Ruby Vileos. Employing a versatile sonic palette (from atmospheric meditations to riff-engorged rockers), front-woman Ali Edwards' distinctive voice and a spine-tingling live show, the band has been burning its presence into area minds since its inception." Morrison left and was replaced by Victor Strunk on bass, and Todd Drake on drums. ‘This Is The Day’ was released in 2004 and ‘Fall Of The Motor People’, recorded by former Sparkle Horse guitarist Al Weatherhead, in 2006.

Ruby Vileos slowly began playing together again in 2016 and performed a handful of reunion shows. Bassist Ben Franks joined the band in place of Victor Strunk in 2019 to begin writing for a new album. The single ‘The Moon In My Head’ was released in 2021 and kicked off a concentrated two years of writing and recording culminating in their first album in seventeen years, ’Nothing Between Us’.

Ruby Vileos is joined by longtime friend Tyler Ramsey from Asheville, NC.

After touring with Band of Horses for almost a decade Tyler left the group to re-focus his career on his original music. His 2019 album ‘For The Morning’ was released on Fantasy records and showcases his talent for interweaving classic folk/blues guitar in the style of Leo Kottke and John Fahey with layered indie singer/songwriter sounds in a class with artists like Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver and Sun Kil Moon. His most recent release is an EP of cover songs called ‘Found a Picture of You’

Tickets are $13 advance and $15 at the door. Seating is limited. 21+

Advance tickets are available at and in person at The Loon 4124 Hamilton Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45223




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Album Review: Ruby Vileos - Nothing Between Us

If, like me, you missed Ruby Vileos the first time around, I hope you’ll take some time to sit with Nothing Between Us.