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Nashville x Cincinnati Pipeline Music Event

  • Deuces II
  • Monty C. Benjamin
  • Khari BTB
  • PRO
  • Popstar K.O.
  • N.Y.
  • BossManMark

Sponsored, Broadcasted & Live streamed from Radio Artifact, and other popular radio, Labels, Studios, and podcast platforms, such as Nashvilles YoCo 96.7, Donuts n Alkohol, Timeless Studios, Cincinnati Public Radio and more!

Consisting of both Nashville and Cincinnati's artist- Headlining is Nashville very Own 2'Live Bre ( Nationally acclaimed, and Rhythm N, Flow's very own) and Cincinnati's own Deuces II, following with top acts from both cities for a eventual night of performances.

Additional side acts: (Radio interviews, live podcasting, runway model walks, and more!)

Come join us for this Top Of The Year Event!

Performances by:

Deuces II & 2'live Bre

Khari BTB

Monty C. Benjamin


Popstar K.O.






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Artist Spotlight: Deuces II

Sometimes when you meet an artist you can physically see the passion they carry for their craft in the way they “glow.” Local musician, Deuces II, simply vibrates with that energy.