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BUCKET is a trio comprised of long-time friends who all write songs & sing. The band has an eclectic style which ranges through folk, country, rock, & R&B influences - the common thread being the music is uniquely American - so if you've to call it something, call it Americana.

The members are - Lee Rolfes (guitar & vocals) Lee hails from Harrison, OH, a small town 20 miles west of Cincinnati on the Indiana border & currently resides in Nashville. A long time solo performer with two full length releases under his belt, Lee's strong singing and organic songs have won him many followers in the Cincinnati area. His tune "Deep Freeze" is featured in Jeff Daniel's comedic film about life in Michigan's upper peninsula Escanaba In Da Moonlight.

Rick "Bam" Powell (drums & vocals) Playing a unique drum kit of his own design (which incorporates a tin cans, saw blade, & a 5 gallon plastic pickle bucket as a bass drum - the source of the band's name) Bam is also a prolific songwriter and has played with Leblanc & Carr, the Raisins, the Bluebirds, and countless other projects. His solo release "Bam Powell & the Troublemakers" features a who's who of Cincinnati's musical community.

Bob Nyswonger (bass, keyboards, vocals) Born in Binghamton, NY, Bob was a founding member of the Raisins, then joined Adrian Belew's Bears which evolved into Cincinnati's Psychodots & Graveblankets, all releasing CDs all along the way. Bucket began playing dates in 1997, and since then has released two albums, "This Here's Bucket", 2002, and "Hunch Dancer", 2008, both available at itunes.

The trademark "low tech" stage lighting began soon after, with the traditional hanging of the "humping panther" & Elvis towels, and of course the band's totem "Sissy", the large & somewhat frightening ceramic cowgirl lamp who appears on the CD cover. The band will not perform until the stage is properly lit & decorated - reminiscent of, as one observer put it, a Juarez whorehouse motif. Bucket is a band that doesn't take itself too seriously, but is serious about having a good time and playing some good music. As such, they'll probably be around 'til one of them kicks off.