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Electric Son

  • Wyatt Edmondson

This is going to be a great night at Stanley's!

Wyatt Edmondson

Sonically Nashville. Soulfully Alabama. There’s an exciting new voice making waves in musical storytelling.

Alabama native, Wyatt Edmondson is a folk-rock singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. With two strongly praised demo projects under his belt and a wide array of shows across the southeast, Wyatt hasn’t looked back since moving to Nashville.

Wyatt’s alluring vocals and elegant songwriting make for a powerfully intriguing troubadour full of talent, passion and unapologetic honesty. Captivating grooves like his first radio single “The Way You Move” and narrative love song “Lovers Lake” proves Wyatt’s musical canvas is deeply layered. Whether in the studio or on stage, each performance sparks intense emotion and makes for a compelling experience that is heartfelt, memorable and purely Wyatt Edmondson.

24-year-old Wyatt Edmondson blossomed into an already locally acclaimed musical family. Inspired by his father, who performed in several top regional bands during his youth, and his grandfather, a revered blind piano tuner extraordinaire, Wyatt gained a passion for music at the young age of twelve. Like his grandfather, Wyatt faces a challenge with a form of progressive blindness known as Retinitis Pigmentosa, but the condition has only made his vision for music that much clearer, and for Wyatt, the future has never looked brighter.

Electric Son

Electric Son has been called a mashup of The Black Keys, G. Love, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Jimi Hendrix. Their funky stanky grooves, catchy melodies, and strong tight songs have meaningful stories to tell. Jim Salters' songwriting tells an autobiographical story of transformation: born in a rural trailer park to his Korean mother and Irish Army vet father, striving against adversity, and the journey through insecurities, triumph, love, loss, and fatherhood.

Leslie Frimer adds soulful harmonies while Marcus Saskin (bass) and Matt Hiudt (drums) lay the funky foundation that creates a high-energy performance that has lit up festival stages, intimate venues, and supported talent like Blind Pilot, Joseph, Deep Sea Diver, and the Shook Twins