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Trashgrass Tuesdays w/

  • Highly Likely

The boys are out of town and one of our favorites is filling in! Come spend this Tuesday with Highly Likely

Highly Likely

Let's just say it was highly likely that this group would someday form. Playing in separate groups, but running in the same circles and playing the same events and venues, finally the opportunity came to join efforts and see what happens. 

Highly Likely is made up of members from Blue Caboose, Little Miami String Band, and twig&leaf. Five distinct songwriters with a variety of influences combine to create jamgrass magic! Traditional bluegrass instrumentation with a twist (drums and harmonica!) create a fresh and fun groove. With a heavy focus on original songs, vocal harmonies, and free-flow jams, it's highly likely to get you up and dancing! 

The band is currently recording its first album, a collection of songs weaving together newgrass, blues, Americana, and reggae sounds. Themes about nature, mountains, camping, and good times, with a side of introspective contemplation, are found throughout the songs.