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The Bradbury Tattoos

  • concert:nova ensemble

Alien invaders... Nuclear war... An exploding spaceship... The end of the world. "The Bradbury Tattoos," a new science fiction rock opera, explores themes of humans coming together in the face of peril. Written by composer Zac Greenberg and librettist Michael Burnham, "The Bradbury Tattoos" is based on four short stories from the late Ray Bradbury's classic anthology "The Illustrated Man." The opera is produced by concert:nova, the contemporary classical ensemble comprised of members of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, with partial funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. Directed by Kelvin Chan. Produced by Ted Nelson. Featuring Ben Flanders, Thom Mariner, Pedro Willis-Barbosa, Melisa Bonetti, Jenna Schroer, Peggy Ann, Alexandra Schoeny, Kathryn Zajac Albertson, Dana Pundt, Thom Dreeze, Kelcey Steele, Naomi Lewin, Keisha Kemper and Michael Burnham.




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A Rock Opera Based on Classic Work of Science Fiction? Yes Please!

What do astronauts stranded on a disabled space ship have in common with nuclear war, an alien invasion, and the end of the world? A rock opera debuting at Memorial Hall called The Bradbury Tattoos, that’s what.