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Bridge Folk Music & Arts Festival

  • Krystal Peterson & the Queen City Band
  • Miles Over Mountains
  • Catl
  • Randall Conrad Olinger
  • Woodblind
  • Common Center
  • Jess Lamb
  • Trevor Clark Trio
  • Holler Blend
  • John Till

Bridge Folk is a one day, Free to the Public, Music & Arts Festival to be held on June 16th at Covington Landing from 10am to 11pm. The Event will feature live Music with 8 local, national and international music acts in genres spanning from Bluegrass to Folk to Jazz and Funk. Over 50 visual arts and artisan vendors, multiple food vendors, beer and other beverages will be featured as well as activities for children and adults to be planned and held throughout the day.



Covington Landing


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Common Center releases To Swallow Something Half Your Size EP

Common Center recently released an EP called, To Swallow Something Half Your Size.  Now normally, this is where I’d give you a breakdown of each song and let you know what images were conjured in my head as I listened to the lyrics.  These songs aren’t those kinds of songs.