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Female Energy

  • Abiyah
  • Xzela
  • Lauren Eylise
  • Band Z
  • Halvsies
  • Dinge
  • Brooklyn Hansley
  • Katrina Jones

Hosted by Abiyah and Xzela, this event is meant to showcase a unity and bond between women everywhere. It is a non-exclusive gathering which welcomes anyone and everyone with open arms. 



Northside Tavern Back Bar

Northside Tavern is a small club & bar in the heart of Northside that caters to local original musicians. This is a great place to discover new music without a cover.


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Intergenerational Cincinnati Musicians Abiyah & Xzela Present Second Installment of Female Energy

With a generation between them, local musicians Abiyah and Xzela don't see their difference in age as a division, but rather an opportunity to join forces to both learn from each other and empower women in music of all ages. As part of this mission, they launched a female-focused performance series, 'Female Energy', at Urban Artifact in September 2017. The second installment of the series will be held in the back room at Northside Tavern on Saturday, April 21st.