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Bee-ing The Beatles

  • The Newbees

Herzog Harmony Series Presents:

Bee-ing the Beatles: How the Newbees made it possible to live inside their favorite records, presented by Herzog Music on the anniversary of the Beatles' first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show 54 years ago.

This all-ages session will give a brief overview of the Newbees’s experiences as a working and touring Beatles tribute, as well as the motivation and turn of events that put them on that long and winding road. Jeff and Misty Perholtz will discuss the ways they analyzed, studied and reimagined some of the world most loved pop songs. Jeff and Misty will share some of their insight about the songs from both fan and musician perspectives, breaking down and teaching you songs as they go.

The event will also feature a brief history of the historic Herzog space and Paul McCartney's meeting with King Records alumni Philip Paul and Otis Williams just before his last Cincinnati performance.