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Talk Mouth Album Release Party w/ Common Center + Infinity Spree

  • Talk Mouth
  • Common Center
  • Infinity Spree

The official release for Talk Mouth's Debut Album, "When All the Kings Are Gone"

10PM | Infinity Spree 
Infinity Spree is an alternative rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. The lightning trio continues to shock and awe audiences with their high-energy live performances characterized by uplifting digital beats. The sharp hooks and honest lyrics stem from a pact that bassist Kurt Unthank, drummer/vocalist Nick Heffron, and keyboardist/vocalist Mike Heffron made together in 2015 to only create music true to their hearts. The brothers trade off songwriting duties, further expanding the message and range of the band. With many styles and multiple singers, it’s difficult to fit Infinity Spree into any specific genre category, and they like it that way.

Check out their music video for 'Guides' here:

11PM | Talk Mouth
Come along on a musical journey. With driving bass lines, splashed behind a rhythmic guitar, Talk Mouth's vocal melodies are sure to leave you feeling 6 inches off the ground.

Be the first to get your hands on a copy of Talk Mouth's first album, "When All the Kings Are Gone", officially available April 6th! 

Check out their first single, 'Floating' here:

12PM | Common Center
Common Center is a group of individuals from Covington, Kentucky that gather to form a collection of sonic exploration. Their all-original material arises from a vast array of influences morphing together to create a unique sound previously unheard, but longed for, by the ear. They combine powerfully upbeat as well as tranquil themes with mystic, other-world intertwining melodic elements from instrumental and vocal harmonies.

Check out their album, 'Gypsy River' here: