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The Wilhelm Brothers

The Wilhelm Brothers – Folk Rock with Cello Infusion.
There was chemistry and musical sparks flying when The Wilhelm Brothers Chris Wilhelm (guitar/lead vocals) and Cristof Ensslin (cello/vocal harmonies/tamburin) hit off their first note together at a recording session for Trail Of The Lonesome Pine in early 2012. Since then, they have been sharing the same dream: to play for crowds of 10,000 and more. All their energy is focused on this vision, playing over 200 shows per year. Highlights on their journey so far are recording their debut EP Lay Your Burden Down with Lenny Kravitz-producer Henry Hirsch, opening for nationally and internationally known artists such as David LaMotte, Takenobu and Westbound Rangers, and receiving radio airplay at various terrestrial stations as well as online including their own Pandora Radio channel.