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Midpoint Music Festival

  • Why?
  • Dessa
  • Gizmo
  • DVA

"Why? switches from rhythmic delivery to naked singing, sometimes on a dime. The slight nasal quality of his voice sounds so awkward that he can't help but play it up-- "Dream on Costelyou" sounds so unmelodic you can't even believe they let this guy sing-- but witness the brilliantly jerked-out delivery on "Early Whitney", where he treats the syllables like a set of steps to jog over. The almost grotesque, overdubbed harmonies at the end of "Weak Moon" sound so warped that they bend your eardrum, but they're perfectly on pitch, and when he turns to a genuinely tuneful voice later on, it doesn't come as a total surprise." - Pitchfork



The Taft Theatre (Ballroom)

The Taft Theatre is a large seated theater located inside the Masonic Temple Building in downtown Cincinnati. Renovations took place in 2011 to upgrade the building from its 1928 beginnings. The Taft Theatre hosts some of the most well respected performers from around the world.