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Cincy Blues Fest

  • Guy Forsyth's Hot Nut Riveters
  • The Kilborn Alley Blues Band
  • Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan
  • The Sonny Moorman Group
  • Blues in the School Band
  • Silvan Zingg
  • Rob Rio
  • Barry Cuda
  • Bob Seeley
  • Lucien Oisel
  • David Maxwell
  • Mark Braun
  • Ricky Nye
  • Liz Pennock & Dr. Blues
  • Rich Greco
  • Noah Wotherspoon Band
  • Chuck Brisbin and the Tuna Project
  • Johnny Fink and The Intrusion
  • Jay Jesse Johnson Band
  • Blue Sacrifice
  • Lisa Biales

Budweiser Main Stage:
5 p.m., Blues in the School Band
6 p.m., Sonny Moorman
7:15 p.m., Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan
8:45 p.m., The Kilborn Alley Blues Band|
10:15 p.m., Guy Forsyth’s Hot Nut Riveters

Arches Boogie Piano Stage:
4:45 p.m., Rich Greco
5:25 p.m., Liz Pennock & Dr. Blues
6:15 p.m., Ricky Nye
7:05 p.m., Mark Braun
7:45 p.m., David Maxwell
8:25 p.m., Lucien Oisel
9:05 p.m., Bob Seeley
9:45 p.m., Barry Cuda
10:25 p.m., Rob Rio
11:05 p.m., Silvan Zingg

St. Vincent DePaul Local Stage:
4:45 p.m., Lisa Biales
6 p.m., Blue Sacrifice
7:15 p.m., Jay Jesse Johnson Band
8:30 p.m., Johnny Fink & The Intrusion
9:45 p.m., Chuck Brisbin & The Tuna Project
11 p.m. Noah Wotherspoon Band



Sawyer Point

Located on Cincinnati's Central Riverfront, Sawyer point is an outstanding riverfront park that hosts some of the cities most unique events.