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Mary Allen and the Percolators / The Sex Rays

  • Martin Luther & The Kings
Mary Allen and the Percolators
We're like a six piece soul band, heavily inspired by 70's punk rock, based out of Minneapolis.
The Percolators were conceived in a basement on the South Side, born on the beer soaked floor of Palmer's bar. They started with booze, blood, and bikes, playing from the river to riding dirty. They would like to give their thanks to Stax, Sabbath, Link, Iggy, Otis, and Etta.
You should probably just listen to the songs.
The Sex Rays
Floating around Minneapolis in late 2010, three dirty rockers coming from their broken bands to form a new psycho-surf-garage outfit called, "THE SEX RAYS" Formed in 2010, they bring a vintage sound punk beach party. These Ya-Ya's are swinging the bat hard and fast towards Link Wray's guitar laden beginnings and then shaking it up in a acid martini glass with a shot of Chuck Berry, a beer back of the Ramones, and a hit of 13th Floor Elevators.



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)