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Jamestown Revival

  • The Wind & The Wave
  • Kris Orlowski



20th Century Theatre

The 20th Century Theatre has been located in the Oakley area since 1941. Easily the most beautiful small theater in Cincinnati, the 20th Century Theatre hosts private events and a very select amount of concerts throughout the year.


Our Weekend Picks :: June 13, 2014

Each week we will highlight a few of our picks for the weekend. Some may be local, some may not, but as long as you are seeing live music in Cincinnati you are contributing! Our picks are below, but you can choose for yourself with our calendar here. (Or download our iPhone app here). Friday,...

The Difference Between Making it and Not is Don’t Stop

Jamestown Revival is Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance and they have recently released their first full length album, Utah. Which is fitting as the album was recorded over a two week period in a cabin within the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jonathan over the...