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Gordon Lightfoot

"A Gordon Lightfoot concert is like an aural trip back through time. Audiences remember when they first heard If You Could Read My Mind, or summon up strong mental images to go with epic songs like Canadian Railroad Trilogy and The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Thankfully, they predate the age of music videos, ensuring everyone experiences them in a completely different and wholly personal way." - The Chronicle Herald



The Taft Theatre

The Taft Theatre is a large seated theater located inside the Masonic Temple Building in downtown Cincinnati. Renovations took place in 2011 to upgrade the building from its 1928 beginnings. The Taft Theatre hosts some of the most well respected performers from around the world.


Our Weekend Picks :: June 20, 2014

Each week we will highlight a few of our picks for the weekend. Some may be local, some may not, but as long as you are seeing live music in Cincinnati you are contributing! Our picks are below, but you can choose for yourself with our calendar here. (Or download our iPhone app here). Friday,...