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Heavy Hinges

  • The Almighty Get Down
Heavy Hinges is a sublime ruckus… a beautiful collision of rock, soul, and gospel. When Heavy Hinges came about in early 2012, their jam sessions were taken on with very heavy hearts. Three of the five members had recently suffered heartbreaking and unexpected loss of loved ones and were still very much coping. While the music they were creating was conceived from a place of sadness, what came out of them was spirited and in a way celebratory… a revival of sorts. In fact, an early band name prospect was Heavy Hearts Revival because it seemed to tell the story of these early sessions. Initially, they gravitated toward playing old traditional songs, unearthed from field recordings of chain gangs, gospel groups, and fishing boat crews. They found the coarse and rustic nature of the music and the dark, yet hopeful imagery of the lyrics suited them rather well.
While songs from the past proved inspiring and fruitful, it was never their intention to travel down a musical path quite that narrow. So, they began writing their own songs, adding more layers to their evolving style. They frequently referenced the gospel groups, chain gangs, and fishing boat crews from those old recordings, but at the same time, remained true to their existing foundation of r&b, blues, and rock & roll…
In just over a year, Heavy Hinges have made their mark on the burgeoning Cincinnati music scene and have their sites set on promising new horizons. They were recently nominated for Best New Artist at the 2013 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards and are currently in the studio capturing their raw and spirited sound for their debut album slated for release in spring 2014.



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)