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Lockland Brakes

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The Lockland Brakes
Well, here’s the story. Opie and Jeff were in a band called Situation Red. J Duckworth has been the face of Duppy a Jamba, now the Newport Secret Six and he also plays an active roll in The DAAP Girls. And, Nick… I don’t know where we found this dude, but I’m glad we did. Holy crap, that might be the most boring story I’ve ever told. Are you still reading this?

"Third time I've listened to it ["G.C.R.P."] this morning. I'm one away from pounding beers and smashing everything on my desk." - Drisk Nation
Since our formation in the summer of 2011, we've played 190+ shows including two US tours and an East Coast/Canadian Tour; 18 weeks and over 26,000 miles in total. On our DIY label, BirdsEye Records, we self-released our debut full-length, "Class & Cruelty", in May 2012 and our sophomore 7", "When It Hits", in September 2013. Relentlessly devoted to punk rock, expect plenty of announcements in the coming months because we're dead set on making 2014 our best year to date.
Be sure to check out our website for updates, media, tour dates, and other stupid shit! -
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Two Houses
Triumphant sad bastard music.

A Cincinnati-based band, influenced by punk, soul and garage rock. According to some reviews, we sound like Agent Orange meets the Midwest. Go figure.
Past members of Meeoow Motherfucker, Duggout, Busy Kids and Manaconda come together to fuck shit up again. Don't be surprised if you kinda like us.



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)