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Blue Caboose

Blue Caboose is railways, mountain tops, swimmin' holes and rivers. Dancing and singing on the front porch or in the basement or in the bar. Blue Caboose is an Americana- Folk- Bluegrass burrito topped with a tasty 3 part harmony.
Backstory, the way Sleepy Andy tells it:
I met Tony when my band, Eazy, was playing his band, Zen Lunatics', "Grateful to Garcia" festival. Not too long after that, I started to play drums with Zen Lunatics up through the end of that band. Tony and I did a few acoustic shows after that.
Sometime in there, Nick and I got together several times to work on songs together, but only made it out to open mics a few times.
And around that same time I met Marty when his band, Perfect Norm, started playing gigs with Eazy. When he left the Norm I started thinking about a good way to start playing with him.
So after all this time, we all finally found our way together in the back of an old train car. There's an old blue caboose down in Queensgate and, surprised as we were to find it there, it gave birth to something that we were all looking for...