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Day Camp

  • The Sweep
  • Old City
  • A City on Fire
  • Adam Nice
DAY CAMP is a four piece rock and roll indie alt punk 90s garage band that rose from the ashes of Cincinnati and Covington greats Slack Panther (Pat Feghali, Josh Biehler) and Oso Bear (George Marshall Jenkins IV), and also includes Nick Hill of Cowgirl. As you can tell from the band names, Day Camp loves nature and animals. Set to conquer the music world with their barrage of machine gun drum rolls, sick bass riffs, bendy guitar solos, distortion, reverb, and not one but two singers who are often on key, Day Camp is all about being your new favorite band.

OLD CITY: Starting out as a solo electronic project of long-time Cincinnati music alumn Sammy McKee, Old City has quickly grown into a dynamic, live trio in the sonic vein of Poster Children, Dino Jr. and Sonic Youth. You will also hear hints of Wussy, Guided by Voices and even Lou Reed in Sammy's melodic delivery. The band currently consists of McKee on guitar and vocals, Dave Cupp (Man Halen, Caterpillar Tracks) on drums and Robyn Roth (Knife the Symphony, Theraphosa) currently on bass. Gabriel Molnar (Sometimes, Little Lights, 1000 Arms), not currently active in the band, played a key role in the band's transition from solo act to solid group and informed many of the moods and melodies with his unique approach to the bass guitar. Old City has released three EPs as a band (download from bandcamp) and are recording their full-length LP, to be released later in 2014.



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)