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The Tillers CD Release

  • The Tillers
  • Woody Pines
  • Saro Lynch Thomason

Cincinnati's old-time crooning minstrel heroes are back with a new album, this one a serving of pure original songs. Their 4th studio release, HAND ON THE PLOW, features stories of hand-made boats, parting lovers, repentant soul quivering, life on the road and historical freedom fighters. Long time fans will not be disappointed with the band's thump and holler, but the new album also features lots of surprises. Hear new sides of the band through this energetic edition of plaintive, haunting and joyful melodies hand-crafted and recorded on analog reels by these favorites of the west side. Come and celebrate with the boys at the release party for HAND ON THE PLOW, Friday July 5th at the Southgate House Revival in Newport KY. Till or be tilled!