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Noah Sugarman

  • Hero Jr.
A talented, multi-instrumentalist, Noah has toured the country coast-to-coast many times, with an array of bands. He’s played bass and sang backup for a country act; played drums for a folk group and does an occasional stint in his home town of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky playing piano and singing simplified version of his songs. In 2007 Sugarman signed with Unison Music, of Los Angeles, and moved to California to focus on his original tunes, prior to hitting the road again for a whirlwind of tour experience.

In addition to Sugarman and his solo efforts, Noah has made substantial contributions to alt-country/alt rock outfit 500 Miles to Memphis, touring with them consistently for the last 5 years and playing bass and guitar on their last two albums – “Sunshine In A Shot Glass” and “We’ve Built Up to Nothing”.

Look for 2013 to be a healthy and explosive year for SUGARMAN.