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  • The Mudpies
Let Love Show The Way is the proposed title of SIMO’s forthcoming second album. It is also their mission statement. The musical alchemy that is SIMO can be traced back to the psychedelic and electric blues heroes of another time (Hendrix, Cream, Zeppelin), but the resulting elixir is ultra-present and vital. As the new breed of modern rock, SIMO may play a piece of music that is seemingly symphonic, yet fully improvised lasting thirty minutes or more, then launch into a succession of structured three minute pop anthems.

Guitarist/Frontman JD Simo, Bassist/Producer Frank Swart and Drummer Adam Abrashoff gave birth to SIMO, the band of their collective dreams, following a three hour, completely improvisational jam session in the new rock and roll mecca of Nashville, Tennessee in late 2010. Within months of their first jam, an album’s worth of future classics, such as the rave up, Shake It, and the emotionally astute Young Man, Old Man, were written and sold out local shows were played. The Avett Brothers’ agent, Paul Lohr of New Frontier, signed the band without a record deal or management in place, and they hit the road hard. In the Fall of 2011, SIMO self-released their eponymous first album leading to a record deal with Bob Irwin’s Sundazed Records. 2012 has seen SIMO invited to the Warren Hayne’s Christmas Jam and the 2013 Mountain Jam. Obsessively writing and recording, the trio is currently working on their next release and their promise to Let Love Show The Way.

Testifying and unifying like a Wonka-esque visionary plugged straight into a vintage Marshall 100 watt, JD Simo is destined for guitar sainthood. Like a mad telegraph operator, Frank Swart is often found on his knees praying at the altar of his pedal board, momentarily overtaking the band with sonic tsunamis. Adam Abrashoff’s scholarly and soulful drumming is the fulcrum to his cohorts’ emissions and his extended and charismatic drum solos, as exhibited in Thank You, Tony Jones, are essential to both their live show and recordings. A sweaty and hypnotized audience member at a recent gig described what he had just witnessed as “Steve Marriot and Jeff Beck rolled into one with Jimmy Page playing bass and Elvin Jones on the drums.“ While someone else professed “It’s the Black Keys meets Cream!” Bassist Swart explains, “it’s rock music with a jazz aesthetic,” while JD Simo adds, “it’s never the same, from night to night, but it’s always groovy!” And Groovy with a capitol G SIMO is.



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)