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My Brother The Bear

My Brother the Bear, composed of Cincinnati, Ohio natives and actual brothers Daniel and Michael Bayer combine over three decades of harmonic magic, add a few twangy strings and driving drum beats to create a musical cacophany so intense that it is hard to believe there are only two musicians playing.
Formed in 2003 as the power-po three piece "The Allens" (along with former bassist and cousin Alex Bayer), the brothers Bayer took their pop-sensibilities into a more Americana sound. After a six year commitment lead singer/songwriter Daniel Bayer made to the US Army, he comments on his experience.
"I wanted to live the stories that I write about, not just pull them out of my head...I met so many wonderful people and had so many wild adventures."
The Brothers Reunited in Huntsville, Alabama in 2011 and have since been storming the south with their poignant, yet whimsical soundings. harkening back to the days of accoustic story-telling, their narrative-rich songs both enlighten and entertain. "I write about real people and real situations. Sometimes I am the main character, sometimes the main character is just a vessel to act out my feelings."
Following the lead of such groups as the Avett Brotehrs, Iron & Wine, Blind Pilot and the Decemberists, My Brother the Bear joins the ranks of the new Alt-Folk movement sweeping the nation. With their debut single "All I Can Think About Is You," a song reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkle's foot-stomping merriments, My Brother the Bear takes their songs to the road.