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  • Eagle Twin
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Drone-metal syndicate EARTH will stop in The Ballroom at the Taft on November 15th in support of their fabulous album Angles Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II. EARTH will be joined on this leg of the tour by the thunderous two-piece Eagle Twin, and avant-garde jazz composer Stebmo.

Recorded in the same two week session as AODDOL I by Stuart Hallerman at Avast and mastered by Mell Detmer, EARTH’s Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II carries on in the freely improvised, folkloric vein of the title track from their last release. Tape was rolled and spontaneous composition occurred.

Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II is striking in many ways, not least, in the wildly improvised nature of this particular recording. Earth's songs, Sigil of Brass and The Corascene Dog, perfectly emphasize how the interplay between the foursome becomes even more accomplished as the recording evolves, a testament to the dynamism of this particular line up. Meanwhile, the track, His Teeth Did Brightly Shine, veers further into an entirely other direction, recalling sounds of the great British Acid Folk generation. This new Earth material brings forth some highly original and deeply mesmerizing tones throughout, at times more hopeful and less dark and death oriented than previous work. Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II is ultimately a new, completely unanticipated direction for Earth, and a very welcome one at that.



The Taft Theatre (Ballroom)

The Taft Theatre is a large seated theater located inside the Masonic Temple Building in downtown Cincinnati. Renovations took place in 2011 to upgrade the building from its 1928 beginnings. The Taft Theatre hosts some of the most well respected performers from around the world.