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Former Champions

  • SharonVillians
Former Champions Richmond, VA Former Champions are an electro rock band based out of Richmond, Virginia. Their music showcases vocal led compositions intermixed with an array of instrumentally driven electronic pieces. A sonic blend of synthesized keys mixed with sub-bass, distorted guitar, harmonized vocals, samples, and a multitude of drums, cymbals and percussion combine to create what the band describes as “street music.” SharonVillians Cincinnati, OH Thick, pulsating beats and moving-synth melodies make-up the new generation of electronic composers; claimed as "Art Music", The SharonVillians bring their shared vision and collaborative efforts into tingling electric jams. The "song" is more or a less a canvas for SharonV. Each piece has a home for few, each work helps the listener tell their own story; Listen, tell your story.



The Mad Frog

One of Cincinnati's longest standing original music venues. Located near UC's campus.