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Open Mic

  • LoopManDan

Every Tuesday you are invited.

We have two mics, two guitar cables, a full PA including a big monitor, the sound is always good ;)

We welcome originals and covers, all musicians, (We currently don't do poetry or comedy)

Although we do not have a drumset, if you're willing to share a small set you are more than welcome!  Contact me ahead of time for set-up etc.  We try to keep it moving so there's not that much time to set-up and breakdown.  Hand drums etc are also always welcome.

We've had Guitar, bass, violin, clarinets, saxaphones, keyboard players, ukeleles (Sorry on spelling etc)

Come on out and have fun, we acutally get alot fo giggin musicans here as well, so you're sure to hear something you like!

there is always a list of players, you can get a spot by contacting me early via email.   If you know you are coming i HIGHLY recommend contacting me to ensure a spot, we try to accomadate everyone but it does get pretty busy