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Appalachian Festival

  • The Tillers
  • Tracy Schwarz and Ginny Hawker
  • Retro and Smiling
  • The Corndrinkers
  • My Favorite Bluegrass Band
  • The Missy Werner Band
  • Rabbit Hash String Band
  • Calamity Rain
  • Susan Pepper
  • Farmhand



Coney Island

Moonlite Gardens is an outdoor venue inside Coney Island. Each summer a handful of very special events seem to make their way to this unique venue on the banks of the Ohio River.


What to do this weekend :: May 11, 2012

The weather is amazing, so it's about time to go see some good music outside. Tonight, you could check out Bad Veins at Fountain Square or go to the Appalachian Festival at Coney Island to hear some folk and bluegrass. Our picks for the weekend are below, but you can choose for yourself...