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Julia Weldon

  • Kate Haralson and the Martins
  • Elia Goat and the Natural Horns


Julia Weldon, on her way to a SXSW showcase performance, will be making a Cincinnati appearance at the Mayday! "Julia’s prepossessing personality and brashly honest music crosses bridges and divides. And while her music straddles genres, its understated universality is in... the emotions it expresses." One night only!   Also featuring Kate Haralson and the Martins: "Haralson is a local treasure, an established local songwriter with endearing and gently fierce material backed by either guitar or piano (she's entirely capable on either instrument). Haralson's soulful musical flights and story-songs spring forth from the same reflecting pools investigated by Patti Griffin and Ani DiFranco." - Southgate House   Also also featuring Elia Goat and the Natural Horns: "They begin with the pure-and-sweet simplicity of a well-written country tune, ground it in the funky swing of a jazz rhythm section, and the three horn players finish it off with a healthy slather of squonk and jive, an upbeat combination that'll put a tap in your toe and a smile on your face."