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Father John Misty

Photos of Father John Misty at The Madison Theater courtesy of Rubato Photo.


CincyMusic.com Top Albums of 2015 

The CincyMusic.com Contributors have voted and below is our list of Top National Albums of 2015.  Go follow our CincyMusic.com Top Albums of 2015 Playlist on Spotify HERE! 1 - Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit 2 - Father John Misty - I Love You,...

Father John Misty Stuns with Wild, Volatile Madison Set 

On paper, Joshua Tillman’s act as Father John Misty shouldn’t work. His songs are self-referential, cynical, drizzled with irony, and border on being too clever for their own good. But they’re also warm, confessional, and even at their meanest-spirited (and some of them give...