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MusicNOW Festival :: Thursday, March 12

Photos of Concert:Nova with Jeffrey Zeigler at The Woodward Theater - MusicNOW Festival. Photos courtesy of Rubato Photo.


MusicNOW Night Two: concert:nova with Jeffrey Zeigler 

After Wednesday’s rollicking opener, it was time to quiet things down a bit. The second night of MusicNOW was a joint effort with local chamber ensemble concert:nova, made up primarily of members of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra [View photos here]. The Woodward Theater had a seated...

CincyMusic.com’s Complete Guide to MusicNOW 2015 

When Bryce Dessner of The National started MusicNOW in 2006, it was a small two-night event held at the Contemporary Arts Center. Over the past decade, it’s become a landmark annual affair, internationally renowned for commissioning new works by classical music’s most innovative...