iOS App User Guide


1. Getting Started

What is CincyMusic? is a local music resource that maintains and publishes concert listings, local band profiles, and other editorial content surrounding the local music community. This is accessible from a website which serves the goals of those wishing to discover music opportunities at home.

Why an iPhone app?

As the mobile phone and tablet space becomes more important, we know that users demand faster and more convenient access to information that is optimized to take advantage of these unique devices. The mobile version of the website currently does not fully meet these expectations. A native iOS app provides the opportunity to deliver this information faster and encourage social discovery of music.

2. Calendar Tab

This is the first screen upon loading of the app. The app displays all of the events in the event directory arranged by date. From here you can search through the events and bands to find the certain one you are looking for. You can also filter out genres by selecting the Genre button at the top. You can also change the date by either scrolling or by selecting the Calendar button in the top toolbar. This will bring up another page that will allow you to select a certain date. From there you will be able to scroll up and down looking at events around that date.

The main event title is displayed in bold, friendly letters with additional information displaying above and below. A picture of the event, band, or venue is displayed alongside the information to better assist in selecting an individual event. There is a separation between the events between the dates to assist in finding the desired event.


Clicking on an event page will bring up more details about the event. Here is included the venue address, the full list of bands at the event, as well as ticket information. You can also add the event to your calendar by clicking the Add to Calendar button located at the bottom of the page. You also have the option of calling the venue directly or getting directions sent directly to your maps app. You can click on any of the individual band pages to bring up additional information about that band.

3. Band Tab

This screen can be selected at any time by pressing the Local Bands button at the bottom of the screen. It then displays the entire list of bands on CincyMusic ranked by how popular they are. This allows for you to be able to see the most popular bands from the area and be able to explore new bands. For each of the bands there is a listing of some of the genres that their music might fall into. This helps to be able to determine whether or not you might like a band before you go into researching them. At the top of the main screen you can choose whether to sort it by Popular, which is the default, or by any of the other genre tags that are in the list. Say you only want to see Alternative? Just select Alternative and you'll see a list of bands that match that tag.


Clicking on an individual band page will take you to a more detailed explanation of the band and other additional information. The page may have links for all of the band's social networking avenues such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and their own website. Also displayed on this page is every venue in Cincinnati that the band will be playing at and at what time and date.

4. Favorites Tab

On each of the individual band pages or event pages there is a little icon in the top right with a star on it. You can click this star to "Favorite" the event or band and basically save it for later. It's kind of like a bookmark, but for an event/band. That way you can quickly and easily go through and find that one band you really liked. Or you found this really great looking band that matches the genres you like perfectly, but you're sitting in class and can't listen to them. You can favorite the band and then come back whenever you have time and give them a listen. Simple and easy.

You can navigate to the Favorites page by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen titled "Favorites". From there, every favorited band and favorited event will be listed. You can even choose to sort whether you want to see only the bands or only the events.

At any point on the Favorites screen you can click the Edit button in the top right. This will let you select any of the bands or events that you want to delete. Once they are selected, you can select the delete button in the top right of the screen. Alternatively, you can swipe across the screen on a particular event/band and a "Unfavorite" button will appear on the right. You can click this button to delete it from your favorites.

5. FAQ

Where do my Favorites go?

When you select an event or band and select the "Favorite" button at the top left, that particular item will be available to be seen in the "Favorites" tab. The "Favorites" tab is arranged by date.

How do I unFavorite a Band/Event?

You can unFavorite a Band or Event by first navigating to the Favorites screen by pressing the Favorites button, located at the bottom of the screen. From there you can either select the Edit button, pick the Band or Event you wish to remove, and then select Delete. Or you can simply swipe across the screen on the one entry and select the "Unfavorite" button that appears.

How do I find "Specific Event/Band"?

We have included a Search bar at the top of the app that you can use to Search through the list of events and bands in order to find the desired event or band.

How do I get tickets to "Specific Event"?

You can find ticket information by searching for the specific event and then proceeding to the events detail page. You can select the button of the page titled Buy Tickets in order to bring up Safari to purchase your tickets.