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Jordon Frank

Jordon Frank is a singer, songwriter, producer, and performer based in Cincinnati, OH. Currently he works as a performer at Howl At The Moon and also plays solo throughout the Tri-State.

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Review: Cat Power

From slow, haunting, singer-songwriter esque songs, to driving, kick drum thumping ballads, Cat Power was putting people into a musical trance. 

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Review: Sofar Sounds

Sofar stands for “Sounds of a Room”. The events started March 2009 in London by Rafe Offer, Rocky Start, and Dave J. Alexander who went to a Friendly Fires concert and became annoyed by people talking over the music, gazing into their smartphones or hearing the clanging of beer bottles.

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Review: New Found Glory

When I first heard NFG, I was a freshman in college in my friends old beat up 1988 Corvette. From the first second I was hooked! Catchy melodic riffs and lyrics that could reach any emo pop-punk fan who has ever had a broken heart. My enthusiasm would be the exact same in the shoulder to shoulder...